Influencing the influencer – you’ve got the power!

Home » Digital » Influencing the influencer – you’ve got the power! One small step for Influencers, one giant leap for Digital Marketing 5-minute read We are focusing on social media influencers in this blog as part of our Social Listening and Audience Insights blog series. After reading this 5-minute blog you will have a better understanding of influencers. Having a […]

FastStats Beta Audit Guide

FastStats Beta Audit Guide Within the new 2018 FastStats system we have created many visualisations. These are to enable you, to audit your data in more detail. These objects produce a simple population audit. Along with the statistics, measures and KPI’s used within the Country Pack analysis. This includes: High-level income trends Acquisition trends Conversion […]

Accessing the 2018 FastStats System

The FastStats system for the 2018 Indigo study has been completely redesigned, with additional fields and new definitions. For 2018, you will be provided with a new FastStats Username & Password once your data has been provided and your details have been provided by your international organisation representative. Installing FastStats You will need to install […]