Do I only include people from the last 6 years or everyone in the system?

Please provide every donor record in the system, however you only need you supply the last 6 years for the Gifts and Regular Giving Pledges.

Do we need to provide our donor names and addresses?

No. You do not need to provide us with any biographical information on your donors other than gender and year of birth.

How much giving history transactional data should I send?

Please send the last 6 years of gift history file. 2012 to 2017 inclusive.

How much regular giving pledge transactional data should I send?

Please send the details of Regular Giving Pledges which have been made in the last 6 years. 2012 to 2017 inclusive.

Do I need to add the active status to the regular giving pledge?

No, pledges are only used to identify non-starters in the 2018 study. Donors will be identified as active via their gifts.

How do I provide gifts where amends and refunds have been made? For example the in our data, we may have the original donation record, followed by a refund, which is a negative value, which will bring the sum to 0. But they have the new amended donation added?

In this example the original donation and the refund should have a Gift Status of “N” applied. To show that these relate to failed payment. The 3rd payment, should have a Gift Status of “Y” to show that is it successful.

Should I include Regular Giving Pledges with Zero Payments?

Yes, the purpose of the Regular Giving Pledge table is to identify No Show / None Starter Rates.

In the Regular Giving Pledge Gift Amount the original sign-up gift or the current gift amount?

It should be the initial sign-up value. The main purpose of this field is to understand the impact of the initial value has on No Show / None Starter Rates.

For Legacy Status, how do I map “Planned” / “Bequest”?

Where a donor is planning to leave your organisation a legacy. i.e. Planned then they would be considered a “Pledger”.

A “Bequest” in that a promise of a gift within the person Last Will and Testament. However this could potentially be a “Pledger” or a “Legator”, and this depends on whether the donors is still alive or not. If the donor is still alive, then they should be classified as a Pledger. If however the donor has died, and the gift has been realised, then they would be a “Legator”.

Is the Original Recruitment Channel the channel of the first gift or the first capture method?

In this instance it would be the first capture method, as people may have been captured into your fundraising system through non-financial activities such as volunteering or activism.

A Gift to Regular Giving Pledge/Mandate ID field isn’t asked for, why?

The Indigo Steering Group discussed at length the benefits and drawbacks of taking a key which links a regular gift payment to it’s pledge to use as a core part of the analysis. However the decision was made that it would be too risky to the success of the project to make this a core field in 2018, when very few organisations within the study provided pledge records in 2017. It is to be considered again in 2018. If you are able to provide this field please let Adroit and your International representative know so that we are able to take this into account for the 2019 version.

We don’t have a single source code field, what should be do?

The source code field is to be supplied along with a decode document, which allows us to convert the source code into a set of Y/N flags, Emergency, Child Sponsorship, Legacy, Symbolic Gift & Event Sponsorship. If you are able to supply these Y/N fields then the source code is not needed. If you are unable to provide either then please contact our FTP support Team at

My gift data includes Gifts In Kind, how should I supply these?

Please exclude gifts in kind from the supplied dataset.

Does Symbolic Giving include tangible gifts which are purchased from Sponsorship projects created to raise funds for the item?

In the donors has given $xx for your organisation purchase an item, such as a Goat, Water Well, Tractor etc. Then this should be flagged as “Symbolic Giving”. If the organisation has received a tangible item from the donor such as a Goat, Water Well, Tractor etc then this should be excluded from the supplied gift file.

Do we include payments where the Sponsor is an Individual but payments came through corporation?

In this context, where the donation is made via a corporation, rather than directly by the individual these are to be considered corporate donations. As such they should be excluded from the gift file which is submitted.

For donors recruited via the Face to Face Channel, there is not a Response Mechanism of “Face to Face / Street”. What should I do?

The response mechanism is more relevant for certain channels such as DRTV. In the case of Face to Face it is assumed that the donor signs up on the spot, so for the Face To Face channel please leave the Response Mechanism field blank.

For the Restricted Income Flag, does this include all restricted income or restricted income which is not already identified as Emergency or Child Sponsorship?

The restricted income flag should be set to Yes for all restricted income. For example a gift could be Restricted = Y and Emergency = Y.

Gift Event Sponsorship Y/N, does this include donors who donates to participants in marathons or fundraising events?

Yes, gifts made by donors as sponsorship of a person taking part in a marathon, skydive, hike or other fundraising events should be classed as Event Sponsorship.

Can we break large data files up into smaller files before sending?

Adroit is prepared to work with files of a very large size. However, if sending all donors or all gifts in a single file creates a file that is prohibitively large to export, you may break it up into smaller segments to create files of a convenient size. Please be careful that you do not create duplicates by pulling records into more than one file.

Should I include codes or the code descriptions in the file downloads?

Please match data to the Adroit decoding where possible, if you are unable to match please provide both, wherever possible. Please send your file layout separately if applicable.

What should we do if our organization doesn’t capture some of the information requested?

If you are unable to supply the core fields required for the study please contact our FTP support Team at, to discuss what fields can be supplied for you to remain in the study.

How should we submit soft credit records?

Please do not supply soft credit records as they will not be used in this study.

Our organisation tracks information in our gift history files that Adroit hasn’t requested. Should we include extra fields?

If you have any questions about what additional data fields you can include which may help us to understand your data, please contact our FTP support at

Should I exclude gifts I don’t want included in the final report from the file I send to you?

Please only supply individual giving transactions, which have been made by an individual and not a corporation or trust.

The coding of sources (channels) is complicated and has changed over the years. Will Adroit be able to classify my gifts into Direct Mail, Web, Face to face, etc.?

Please match your data to the Adroit decoding where possible, if you are unable to match to the decodes please contact our FTP support at

How will I know if you are interpreting the data correctly?

Based on your downloaded data, audit and other communication between you and your data analyst, we will process your data for FastStats. We will then issue a diagnostic report to confirm that we have interpreted your codes and classified your gifts and revenue accurately. It is important that you review and approve the diagnostic report before we load your data to the FastStats system. 

What do I receive for participating in the project?

  • Each participating country office will receive access to the FastStats system, with permissions to query six years of giving behaviour and fundraising programme performance metrics for a single country office.
  • Access within FastStats to the Country Collaborative data for your country, providing there is a minimum of 4 NGO participants. The data, produced in the country‚Äôs national currency, will allow querying of key donor behaviour and fundraising performance metrics over six years for each NGO office within the country.
  • We will produce a range of fundraising programme benchmarking reports & analysis
  • An invitation to attend a FastStats introduction/training call/webinar with representative from other participating NGOs within your country.

Whom can I contact for further assistance?

Please see further sections of this document for key contacts and email addresses and phone numbers of Adroit staff.

Please note the section on our Help Desk.

Adroit is based in Gloucestershire, England which is in GMT zone; support will be available within normal office hours 9:00am-5:30pm. On request telephone calls can be arranged outside of these hours.

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