As a fundraising analyst I’m often asked to look into donor cross-over between different giving or relationship types. Indeed it is common across the fundraising sector to develop donor contact strategies, which have the specific objective moving a donor from one type of giving to another. For example you may wish to move single donors into a regular giving programme, or convince regular givers to made additional ad hoc donations to an emergency appeal.

In this blog article I’m going to show you one of the many methods of identifying the donors who are both single givers and regular givers within the FastStats Discoverer analysis tool.

Firstly, we need to find the variable “Types of Giving”. This variable identifies whether a donor has given at least 1 “Single Gift”, at least 1 “Regular Gift” or indeed at least 1 of both within the last 5 years.

Step 1: Create the base selections.

Types of Giving Variable within System Explorer

The “Types of Giving” variable is known as a “Flag Array” variable, which means a record could be in multiple categories. In this case it means a donor can be flagged as a “Single Giver” (Code = S – Single) and a “Regular Giver” (Code = RP – Recurring Gift Payment).

In order to look at the overlap between regular givers and single givers, we need to create two new selections in FastStats. Firstly create a selection identifying all donors who have given a single gift, by dragging the “Types of Giving” variables from the system explorer, onto the grey workspace area within FastStats. This will create a new selection window. Within this new selection window if we highlight the “Types of Giving” variable and tick the “S” – Single tick-box we would have created a selection of donors, who have given at least 1 single gift in the last 5 years. It is worth giving this selection a name, I’ve called mine “Single Givers”. You don’t need to press the green “Play” button, but if you do you will receive the count of how many donors have given a single gift.

Selection: Single Givers

The next step is repeat the process and create a selection of donors who have given a Regular / Recurring Gift, but selecting the RG – Recurring Gift Payment tick box rather than the S – Single tick box.

Selection: Regular Givers

Step 2: Create the Venn.

Once we have created the base selections which represent the two donor groups for which we wish to analyse the overlap between, we can now place them into a Venn diagram.

To create a new Venn visualisation, click on the “Venn” icon within the FastStats toolbar. This will bring up an empty “Venn” selection, which looks just like the one below.

Venn Diagram: No selections added yet!

To create your venn diagram, you will need to drag both your selections which you created in Step 1 onto the Venn selection. Firstly drag on the “Regular Giving” selection, then dragged on the “Singler Giver” selection. Once both selections have been added to the Venn, if you click the “Play” button the Venn diagram will refresh with the counts, and also show the overlap between the two donor groups.

Venn Diagram: The Overlap between Regular & Single Givers

Step 3: Adding Statistics

In most cases just seeing the overlap between two groups is enough, however we may want to go further and apply some statistics to the Venn diagram.

To do this, click on the “Statistics” icon within the Venn diagram window.

This will bring up a new window, which will allow you select what statistics you would like to show on the Venn diagram. Now there are far too many to show them all within this blog article, however I will show you one. Perhaps I wanted to see what proportion of Regular Givers, are also single givers? To show this I would need to apply the following options into the statistics window.

The Venn Diagram Statistics Window

I’ll leave the radio button ticked for “Use Resolve Table (Person)”, as the statistic needs to count People / Donors.

The “Display” needs to be set as “Percentage”, this ensures that the value is presented as a % rather than a number. i.e. 20% rather than 0.2.

The next step is to determine what the % figure is of, in this case I’ve selected the “Percentage of this segment:”, and selected the “Regular Giver” segment from the drop down. This therefore means that the % is based on the “Regular Givers” selection.

Once I’ve made these selections, I click okay and the Venn diagram will update.

Venn Diagram: Overlap between Regular & Single Givers with a % displayed.

Finally I can now see that 14.7% of Regular Givers are also Single Givers, whereas 85.3% of Regular Givers have never made a Single Gift.


If you want to find the template for the Venn Diagram displayed above, the FastStats visualisations can be found within the My Discoverer Folder/Public/Standard Templates/Blog/The Power of Venn/

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