Indigo Excel App 2018 – Training Version Available Now!

Hello everyone!

I’m please to announce the training / demo version of the 2018 version of the Excel Application is now available to download on the portal. It can be downloaded by clicking on this link below.

Indigo App 2018 Training Version – Download

What’s new in 2018?

Acquisition Trends Report

A new report type has been added to the application this year to enable you to look at trends for recruitment activity across 3 dimensions, rather than 2. This allows you to look at metrics such as the channel mix of recruitment activity within your market and spot trends and changes more easily.

Copy Report Feature

We now have a new feature which enables you to take and save static copies of any of the reports that you produce within the App. This makes it easier to save and produce your own analysis presentations for your stakeholders.

Refined Regular Giving Upgrade Report

Last year the report could only report on a Regular Givers 1st Upgrade, this year due to changes in the way we can define an upgrade, we are able to report on any upgrades within a particular year.

Column % & Ranking Features – Speed Increases

We have completely reprogrammed that way that the Ranking & Column % controls are recalculated in order to significantly increase their speed in terms of use. In the 2017 version of the app, these options we calculated at “run” time on the underlying pivot tables, which for large markets could take a significant amount of time. In 2018, these are calculated using the “cells” on the dashboard, which is significantly quicker and also isn’t impacted on the size of the underlying datasets.

Redefined Reactivation Reports

Similarly to the Regular Giving Upgrade Report the Reactivation Reports (Regular Giving & Single Giving), we have redefined these reports to take into account a shift in the definitions. Last year reactivations were calculated based on whether the donor had gave or not in the previous year. While this is okay for Single Giving, it does lose a lot of the story when it comes to Regular Giving where lapsing and reactivations can occur within shorter time periods. As a result we have tightened up the definitions and the reports reflect this change.

Response Mechanism & Inhouse Agency Filters Added

This year we have added two new filters to the reports based on the new data supply requirements. These are the Response Mechanism, which identifies how the donor responded to their initial acquisition, this is especially important for DRTV. Similarly we have a flag to identify whether the donors were recruited via an agency lead campaign, or an in-house led campaign. This is especially useful for activities such as Face to Face.

We hope you enjoy using the app and find the new features useful.


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