Dear GDII Users!

We are pleased to announce that all the Country Data reports will have been released to your respective organisations both in the Excel INDIGO application and also in the new Microsoft Power BI, as well as the FastStats system.

We have also been conducting training on all of these deliverables, so you should have had an opportunity to see these in action. If you did miss these or require a refresher, please note the training videos which can be found here.

Please find a few notes and resource references to support your use of the deliverables:


INDIGO (Excel) Application

 Please note a number of new features have been added this year.  They include:

  • The ability to create static copies of the report
  • Speeding up calculations for ranking and column percentage filters
  • The Acquisition trends report is a new style of report available
  • Response Mechanism and In-House Agency filters have been added
  • Regular Giving report has updated definitions
  • Regular Giving and Single Giving Activation reports have updated definitions
  • There is a report user guide available in the App

As well as the user guide which is available in the App, we have recorded one of the training sessions on the INDIGO App 2019 which can be found here.


INDIGO (PBI) Application

 There are multiple resources available for using this deliverable including a user guide, a training video and a glossary. These can all be found here.

Please note there is a functionality difference for organisations who want to build their own “dashboards” by pinning visuals from the existing country report. This functionality is included if your Power BI account is set up under the Adroit tenant i.e. your account username ends in ‘’. Otherwise, unfortunately you will not be able to do this. The issue can however be overcome by downloading the data behind the chart into excel, whereby you will be able carry out your own analysis in Excel and create the charts in question.


FastStats System

 For analysts building and doing their own analysis on the dataset, the FastStats system has had more design work, objects and templates added for this year, to facilitate your own capability to build on the analysis already generated.

Again, we have recorded one of the training sessions on the FastStats 2019 system which can be found here.


Market Webinar Programme (Coming in October)

We have organised dates with markets to conduct the market webinar sessions in October. This is an opportunity for individual organisations to get together and discuss the fundraising trends and situation for their market. Please look out for invites and let us know as soon as possible if you or your team are unable to make the sessions as ideally, we would like all organisations on the webinar to get the maximum benefit. Likewise, please do let us know if you have any particular topics you are keen to discuss.


Review of 2018 Process

We are currently reviewing and planning for the 2019 study, so please let us have any feedback on the different applications, and any new features you are interested to see in 2019. Please send your feedback to Philippa at


Warm regards,

The Adroit Team

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